I’d never seen anything like it

By 18/09/2017Blog

I was contacted the other day by a company that makes an amazing 360 degree HDR camera.

What was clear right from the off was that their product was exceptional – I’d never seen anything like it before.

What was less clear was exactly how we could help them.

The guy I was speaking to explained…

The camera’s really lightweight and portable, but still robust, so it’s used extensively across a whole bunch of sectors including military, emergency services, engineering and industrial.

When I realised the sectors they work with, I realised why they’d come to us.

Currently, they use SD cards to capture the images from their camera, and for those who use the camera for fun, that’s fine.

However, one of their customers wanted the image capture to be more robust and secure, which is why they were talking to us.

They had a chat with our sales engineer Keith, and he very quickly pointed them in the right direction.

And in the end, it was a whole lot easier than they thought it would be.

All they’d need to do is just remove the existing SD connector and replace it with a Datakey one.

Then, using the RUGGEDrive range, they had a much robust and secure method of image capture.

No big redesign, no hassle – they had a tight deadline, which they managed to meet, making them a happy Datakey customer!

I guess my message here is pretty simple:

Accessing superior solutions to what you currently use doesn’t always require a costly redesign – in lots of cases, the right tech can slot in and replace what you’re already using.

If you’re using SD cards and you want to chat about a more robust and securer alternative, drop us a line and we can arrange a chat.