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Secure memory products for design engineers and security experts working on long-term projects or applications that needs to withstand the harshest of environments
The official Datakey supplier for the UK, Norwegian and Swedish military


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Award winning NAND Flash cyber secure SSDs with AI embedded at the firmware level
World’s first Al integrated series of cybersecure laptops


Over three decades of experience in providing the world’s best industrial memory and security solutions to customers across Europe

Fully committed to our customers, continuing our support service and offering advice, support and technical knowledge throughout the project lifecycle and beyond

Our secure memory products are commonly used by design engineers and security experts working on long term projects, with millions of units currently in European service

The official Datakey supplier for the UK, Norwegian and Swedish military

We specialise in memory products that are designed for customers who need more than standard commercial memory.

If you need safety, security, reliability and longevity you’re in the right place. We’ve built a reputation over the last three decades as the go-to provider for the defence, aerospace, transportation, medical and renewable energy sectors.

Our team of memory and data storage specialists work closely with our manufacturing partners (Flexxon & Datakey) to help you embed and/or integrate the most appropriate forms of removable memory, specialist memory, ICs, flash memory, receptacles, cards and accessories into your applications. Here’s some of the ways we can help:

Removable memory

Memory ICs

Embedded systems drives

Solid State Drives (SSDs), RAM memory modules

USB flash drives

SD cards

Rugged and Secure Data Storage


Datakey designs and manufactures rugged portable memory systems for industrial, harsh environment and secure applications. Products utilise industry-standard memory (EEPROM, NOR Flash, USB flash, SD) and a solid over-moulded construction, resulting in a portable memory device that is rugged enough for the most demanding applications.

Datakey products have been tested in the harshest environments, exposed to extreme temperatures, medical sterilisation and a whole lot more.

They’re physically secure, with unique connectors removing the threats posed to standard memory ports.

They also last a long time, both in terms of durability, and lack of obsolescence. The serial memory products have been in use for over three decades.

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Industrial Grade NAND products

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Flexxon designs and manufactures industrial NAND flash memory storage solutions for the cybersecurity, industrial, medical and automotive (CIMA) sectors, meeting the requirements of customers who demand the highest level of reliability, endurance and wide operating temperature ranges.

Flexxon pride themselves on giving long product life which is not easy in NAND flash. Strong technical support with firmware designed and written in house.

Flexxon products are specifically designed for industrial use and we can offer low capacity memory not available in consumer products.

Industrial grade products ideal for host devices that are sensitive to harsh environments with fixed BOMS and firmware.

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AI Embedded Cyber Security Solutions

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Flexxon’s X-PHY® is the world’s first NAND flash storage solution with integrated, AI-based firmware and hardware security for laptops, standalone SSD and server. The X-PHY – Flexxon’s patented firmware-based security –  uses low-level programming to analyse data access patterns and detect any harmful attempts to access your data using AI and machine learning.

With security embedded in the SSD’s firmware closest to your valuable data, you’ll get real-time protection against zero-day vulnerabilities, and other unknown threats that may be able to bypass software-based cybersecurity systems.

Hardware sensors are also built on the SSD, protecting against physical threats like drive theft and other side-channel attacks. Essentially, it functions as a standalone machine that lives inside of your computer and gives you 24/7 cybersecurity protection.

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Get expert advice today.

Our memory and data storage engineering team works with you to identify the best-fit solutions (serial memory products, flash memory products) that meet your main objectives.

We are trusted partners in secure memory, data storage and cybersecurity solutions for embedded and industrial applications including:

Data storage

Facilitating software/firmware updates

Restricting use

Feature enabling

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Data logging

System configuration

User identification/Access control

Securing communications

Why Nexus?

Fit-for-purpose solutions

Nexus’ memory and data storage specialists take into account the operating environment challenges you might be facing and recommend fit-for-purpose solutions. For example, you might be developing a system for a harsh environment and need to protect against high vibration levels, temperature extremes, dust or high moisture levels. Security might be a high priority too.

Discover the difference that Nexus can make

Engage with Nexus Industrial Memory at an early stage in your project and we can make sure our experiences, gained in the very sectors in which you operate, ensure your projects are successful, risks are reduced and you remain price competitive.

Established in 1987, we have a proven track record of working with businesses and organisations, and supporting them through product selection, integration, development and post implementation. We are the exclusive partners of Datakey in UK, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. We are partners of Flexxon in UK, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

The team

Datakey exclusive partners in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia

Appointed distributor of Flexxon in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland and Austria

Expert advice and customer service on hand at any time

Nexus added real value to the entire project, which is important to us because it’s how we like to be seen by Van Walt. Anyone can supply products, but it’s the service you put around those products that adds real value to the relationship.

Mark BullenManaging Director, GBE

The Datakey RUGGEDrive range was by far the best solution we could find to log data on our new e-SpadeLite Ground Probing Radar unit. Due to the robust nature of the token and the waterproof matching connector we did not have to worry about hiding the memory device away in a sealed compartment, something we have had to do previously with conventional USB devices.

Josh BushSenior Engineer, Pipehawk

For me, it’s the fact that Datakey has the same built-to-last philosophy as Bombardier which made them the ideal partner for this project.

Kevin StewartSenior Engineer, Bombardier Transportation

We have found that conventional USB or SD simply doesn’t cut the mustard when it came to data logging under high levels of g-force, shock and vibration. We quickly overcame all these issues with the RUGGEDrive into next generation Alcatek Engine Control Unit (ECU) designed specifically for use in motorsport. The token is ultra rugged and was held firmly in place by its unique connector. It continued to read / write under rally racing conditions.

Andy LeechManaging Director, Alcatek Control Systems

The advantage of the serial memory product is that it’s an industry standard memory chip in a key, which is much easier to write to and address.

Kevin StewartSenior Engineer, Bombardier Transportation

Discover how Nexus can help you

Applications and Case Studies

  • Military/Government

    Datakey COTS, electronic keys and tokens are the de facto standard for cryptographic ignition keys (CIKs) in data-at-rest and data-in-transit encryption devices. The rugged designs ensure reliable operation in the harshest tactical environments. The long-term availability of the products means your product life cycles can be measured in decades.

  • Medical

    Datakey memory keys and tokens are used to authenticate and limit the use of a disposable medical device, or to positively pair two wireless medical devices. The long-term availability of the products makes them the ideal choice for medical OEMs with long product life cycles.

  • Industrial Automation

    Why rely on consumer USB flash drives and SD cards that aren’t designed for harsh industrial environments? Datakey memory tokens are specifically designed for industrial use, being both rugged and secure. We can also offer IP67-rated panel-mount receptacles for outdoor or wash-down applications.

  • Transportation

    Datakey products are the ideal fit for transportation systems. The keys and tokens are rated for operation from -40 °C to +85 °C and have a 35-year history of reliable operation in challenging environments.

  • Agriculture & Construction

    Datakey memory devices can withstand the vibration, heat, humidity and dust found in agriculture and construction environments. The devices can be dropped in mud, covered in oil, coated with dust, cleaned with diesel fluid, submerged in water and still do their job.

  • Renewable Energy

    Datakey products make the perfect partner for renewable energy applications where exposure to the elements is vitally important. Reliability is also critical due to the remote location of many renewably energy sites. Typical uses include calibration, parameter settings and data logging.


Our memory solutions differ from off-the-shelf memory in three important ways:

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