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Flexxon’s X-PHY® is the world’s first NAND flash storage industrial cyber security solution with integrated, AI-based firmware and hardware security.

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X-Phy is an SSD that’s intended to be your last line of defence in case of a serious security breach on your hardware. It is not meant to replace your regular suite of security software, but rather complement them, giving an added level of security at the hardware level.

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X-PHY has worked with Lenovo to integrate cybersecurity SSDs into three series of laptops which benefit from X-PHY’s zero-trust security framework and 24/7 real-time protection to the data stored in the drive.

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Ensure protection & keep data intact even when shared through the network with Fortress secure servers.

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The X-PHY – Flexxon’s patented firmware-based security –  uses low-level programming to analyse data access patterns and detect any harmful attempts to access your data using AI and machine learning.

With security embedded in the SSD’s firmware closest to your valuable data. Flexxon’s industrial cyber security solutions offer real-time protection against zero-day vulnerabilities, and other unknown threats that may be able to bypass software-based cybersecurity systems.

Hardware sensors are also built on the SSD, protecting against physical threats like drive theft and other side-channel attacks. Essentially, it functions as a standalone machine that lives inside of your computer and gives you 24/7 cybersecurity protection.

This innovation provides “Zero Day” protection for all kinds of sensitive data from companies, independent professionals, but also government, administrative and associative organisations.

In the event of such an incursion, the X-PHY will alert the user via email and lock itself to prevent any physical tampering. Users may then unlock the device via a dynamic authentication process. For clients with high security needs, such as the military, the option is available for data to be automatically wiped should the device fall into the wrong hands.

High level security functions include:

  • Data encryption
  • Secure erase
  • Write protection

This makes the X-PHY® a perfect all-in-one security product for data transfer and data storage.

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Protection From Ransomware Attacks

In the event of a Ransomware attack, the X-Phy SSD’s embedded AI will immediately lock down and protect your system.

Upon detection of a threat to your system, the X-PHY SSD encrypts your data for safekeeping. The SSD even sends out an email to alert you of the attack as soon as the event occurs.

The X-PHY app is used to unlock the SSD when an event has occurred as an extra measure of security, and once you’re set up, nobody can access your data unless they have your smart device.

Even if somebody forcibly removes your Flexxon X-PHY SSD and steals it, they won’t be able to access the data on it, as it can only be unlocked by you (via an OTP sent to your email), with your app.

Similarly, if they somehow manage to get on your PC and try to clone the SSD, you’ll be informed by the device itself thanks to Flexxon’s AI One Core Quantum Engine, which works behind the scenes to determine if there’s a threat to the SSD.

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For an all-encompassing, real-time defence strategy, industrial cyber security solutions are becoming essential in combatting  ever-evolving cyberthreats. Lenovo has incorporated the X-PHY® into three of its laptop series to create the world’s most secure laptops. Thanks to the X-PHY®’s AI capabilities, Lenovo’s Ace, CyberPad and Zepto laptops will now be monitored 24/7 for potential threats and will lock down immediately when a suspicious pattern is detected.

These series of laptops are designed to bring a combination of Lenovo’s high-quality, time-tested hardware and interface, and Flexxon’s real-time AI cybersecurity defence technology, extinguishing the limitations of traditional silo architecture of software protection by enhancing security at the SSD’s firmware level.

Real-time, around-the-clock monitoring for threats, triggers an immediate lockdown upon suspicion of any attempts of phishing, ransomware, data theft, and other forms of cyber-attacks. Once activated, only authenticated users can unlock their computers with dynamic authentication security via the user-friendly X-PHY Bluetooth mobile application.

In addition, security bypasses in existing models of SSDs, such as physical removal, side-channel attacks using power surges, or sudden temperature fluctuations, will trigger the X-PHY Cyber Secure SSD to lock down the system immediately to safeguard the user’s data.

After a lock down, users can simply unlock the device with a dynamic 2-factor authentication through the X-PHY® User Application Tool or the X-PHY® App. This is easy to do and requires no prior knowledge of cybersecurity, combining extreme safety with unprecedented user-friendliness.

Lenovo’s decision to use the X-PHY® to create the world’s most secure laptops testifies to the SSD’s reliability and to Flexxon’s commitment to a holistic approach to security.

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Physical Protection

 X-PHY® AI Cybersecurity laptops come with hardware sensors on the SSD. You can prevent any physical attack including physical removal, side-channel attacks using power surges, or even sudden temperature fluctuations, etc. Once any threat is detected, it will immediately trigger the lockdown of your laptop to safeguard your data.  Once any lockdown is activated, there’s no need to worry! Once your laptop is registered with Flexxon’s iOS and Android compatible mobile app, you can unlock your computer remotely, see all “live” notifications, and even review past event logs.

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The Smart Edge Solution For IOT Applications: X-PHY® Fortress Server

X-PHY® Fortress Server FE50 incorporates the world’s first AI Embedded Cyber Secure SSD into Lenovo’s Edge computing solution to avoid disruption to your IT & OT systems due to ransomware.

Incidents of cyber-attacks against IT networks are intensifying globally and none more high profile than the US Colonial Pipeline which was hit by a ransomware cyber-attack which affected 45% of the East Coast’s supply of diesel, petrol and jet fuel.

In the case of the Colonial Pipeline hack, the attack reportedly only reached the front-end business IT systems, not the IT and operations technology (OT) that actually control the pipeline itself. Nevertheless, the result was devastating and resulted in entire pipeline being shut down causing alarming gas shortages up and down much of the East Coast of the United States. Long lines and panic buying became the norm for days.

This rising threat combined with the increasing adoption of IoT devices, the convergence of IT and OT networks, and the use of cloud-based management and analytic systems has led to industrial cyber security solutions being a major discussion point for edge IT owners and operators.  The edge computing trend is putting more and more endpoint devices at the edge of computing networks away from more highly secured, centralised data centres. This has dramatically increased the available attack surface for cyber criminals and hackers.

However AI augmented cybersecurity protection integrated with the X-PHY AI Cyber Secure SSD for real-time protection against all cyberthreats including ransomware, illegal data cloning, physical theft, and other side-channel attacks will soon be available from Flexxon.

X-PHY® FE50 is built to withstand industrial environments from 0° to 50°C, and it comes with an IP50 rating. It can communicate with your local and remote IoT devices, management systems, cloud, and your own or third-party data centres over wired and wireless Internet connections.

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X-PHY® AI Embedded Cyber Secure
Solid-State Drive (SSD)

X-Phy offers real-time protection against zero-day vulnerabilities, including both known and unknown threats – something software-based cybersecurity systems cannot fully safeguard against.

For a live, no obligation one to one demonstration of its capabilities, speak to one of our security engineers.

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micro SD

Removable memory – SD and Micro-SD, USB Drives

Standard form factor removable memory products include micro-SD, SD and USB flash drives all designed and manufactured to industrial standards. All the form factors are available in high security formats including Write Once Read Many times (WORM) and differing levels of onboard software encryption.

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Solid State Drives (SSDs)

A wide range of solid state drives (SSDs) ranging from latest high performance PCIe NVMe, PATA, SATA III and SATA II. All Flexxon SSDs are designed and manufactured specifically for industrial, medical and automotive applications. Capacities range from 512MB to 8TB.

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Memory ICs

A range of EMMC and SLC NAND flash ICs, all designed to meet the rigid requirements of cybersecurity, industrial, automotive and medical applications.

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Market Leading Cyber
Security Solutions

Industrial Grade. Longevity.

  • Flexxon designs and manufactures industrial NAND flash storage solutions for the cybersecurity, industrial, medical and automotive (CIMA) sectors, meeting the requirements of customers who demand the highest level of reliability, endurance and wide operating temperature ranges.
  • Flexxon pride themselves on giving long product life which is not easy in NAND flash. Strong technical support with firmware designed and written in house.
  • Flexxon products are specifically designed for industrial use and we can offer low capacity memory not available in consumer products.
  • Industrial grade products ideal for host devices that are sensitive to harsh environments with fixed BOMS and firmware.

Do you want to understand more about Flexxon Cybersecurity products and what makes them so unique? Then watch this video.

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