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Two memory tokens, two connectors with reader/writer device plus software and source code. A cost effective entry kit for hardware designer and device developer.

Would you like to implement a removable data storage system that works reliably in the outdoors, under strong vibration, within extreme temperature ranges and other harsh conditions? Then choose Datakey™ rugged memory.

Proof your concept with a Datakey™ development kit, create your own applications and build a prototype quick and easy.

The Datakey™ development kit is a simple and cost effective way to implement industrial grade memory systems for your electronic devices and applications.

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To make embedding as simple specify your requirements and we put together the right memory kit for you.

Matching the memory capacity, protocol and form factor – chosen by you – the kit contains IP-rated receptacles with connector cables, a reader/writer device or adapter to connect directly with a PC via standard USB or serial port.

The software examples and source code ensure you successfully develop your own application and your devices are ready in no time. Call us or send an email and get a special offer on your development kit today!

Our Products:

Serial Memory

The Serial Memory line features portable memory products utilising industry-standard EEPROM and NOR flash memories. Choose from capacities of 1 Kbit to 64 Mbits and serial interfaces including SPI, I2C and Microwire. Datakey products are available in several form-factors, including the iconic key-shaped design and the newest option, the Bar—our most robust portable memory system.

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Secure Memory

When data security is of the utmost concern, Datakey Secure Memory products keep your data safe. The Unique ID line comes with a pre-programmed, non-changeable, serial number. Used as a credential, it can identify a user and is copy-proof. For the highest level of security, we offer ruggedised memory products based on Atmel’s CryptoMemory and CryptoAuthentication ICs.

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When your application calls for a USB flash drive or an SD card, but you require a more rugged and secure solution, turn to the RUGGEDrive™ line. Available in capacities from 4 GB to 64 GB, RUGGEDrive™ is the perfect choice for data logging/data transfer applications in harsh environments.

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Custom Products

Do you need a portable memory product, but can’t find a solution that meets your needs? We can leverage our proven designs to deliver custom, portable memory solutions without the custom price.  We can also do full custom designs.


Unique Connectors

If it is security you are looking for, then look no further. Our keys and tokens can not fit into ‘just any’ equipment. The unique form-factor of our memory products and the unique mating connectors (receptacles) provide you with a complete secure memory solution.

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  • No risk of re-design due to obsolescence

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