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The Key to Successful Wireless Firmware Updates

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Datakey memory devices can withstand the vibration, heat, humidity and dust found in agriculture and construction environments. The devices can be dropped in mud, covered in oil, coated with dust, cleaned with diesel fluid, submerged in water and still do their job.

The matching connectors (receptacles) are available in a wide range of board and panel mount. If you need the connector to withstand the elements there is also a range of IP rated receptacles.

Typical uses in this sector include Datalogging, user access, feature enable and parameter uploads.

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Technological Tomatoes

WECO specialise in a range of industrial equipment used to improve and speed up the process of fruit and vegetable sorting, with a great range of brands including TomatoTek and BerryTek.

Before using Datakey, WECO used a combination of USB drives and laptops, but due to the rugged environments their equipment is used in, in one year they had 15 laptops either lost or damaged.

WECO had major issues when it came to updating their equipment worldwide with the latest software upgrades.

That’s where Datakey memory products came in.

The rugged, portable memory system provided WECO with an easier and more efficient way to administer firmware updates.

The solution is so easy to use that the previous issues of language barriers and varying levels of computer knowledge are no longer an issue.

Now, the technician simply plugs in the Datakey memory token (either way up) that contains the firmware update and presses a button on the touch screen.
In addition to this, WECO have leveraged the technology to use the memory tokens for other uses, including restoring settings and cloning settings from one machine to another.

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A sweet way to track

Datakey serial memory keys have been a crucial asset to the system used to pay farmers for sugar beets in Germany for many years.

Each sugar beet farmer is issued a rugged memory key which contains their individual identification data. On entering the plant the farmers key provides access and identifies him to the system.

When the load it weighed at the washing station the system is able to accurately assess the beets delivered whilst removing stones and mud.

As the farmer leaves the plant he uses his key to log out, all the data is recorded giving an accurate audit trail.

They key and keyceptacle were ideal partners for this system due to their ruggedness, ability to work first time every time and the longevity of supply.

Massive saving on warranty claims

Spending six figure sums fixing warranty claims for agricultural machinery companies is not unusual.

When a claim first comes in, they generally send out a replacement part. And when the second or third from the same customer comes in, they’ll have to send an engineer out.

Pretty pricey when your customers are all over the world. Most of the time when the engineer gets there and acesses the logged data they discover there’s been a misuse of equipment.

There is a better way. A customer has built in Datakey removable memory into their equipment, so in the first instance now, they just ask the customer to unplug the token and post it back.

Then, they can analyse the data and confirm if the warranty claim is genuine.

And if it’s not, then they’ve saved a whole bunch of money as they can bill for the engineers visit.