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How to design embedded systems with removable memory

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Why  rely on consumer USB flash drives and SD cards that aren’t designed for harsh industrial environments? Datakey memory tokens are specifically designed for industrial use, being both rugged and secure. We can also offer matching connectors rated up to IP67 for outdoor or wash down applications.

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Improved access control for your PLC system?

When your PLC systems are controlling processes that are expensive and need precise instructions to produce the correct result time after time then you don’t want to rely on basic password protection for engineer access. You also need to ensure appropriate users only have access to processes they are suitably trained for. And that any calibration data can be loaded reliably for each different batch.

Datakey products are ideally suited to help solve all of these issues and will happily operate in most industrial environments.

Hunter Foundry Machinery were producing a new range of Matchplate Moulding Machines and wanted to accomplish a few things:-

  1. Improvement of general access control over their current password system
  2. Better rights distribution system so only trained operators could access certain functions
  3. Reduce R&D costs and find solutions to these problems that could be quickly implemented
  4. Long term support to avoid expensive re-design costs at a later date.

Using Keytroller IIs which communicates with any PLC system via an RS-232 or USB interface and LCK1000 memory keys they were able to quickly and effectively achieve their aims.

Keys are issued to each user of the machine in order to identify them to the system. The system won’t work without a valid Key (access control) and different rights can be granted to each user based on their position, level of training, need and trust.

The Datakey solution was rugged, unique, easy to implement and best of all offered an upgrade over the “password” security which customers did not find effective in the older models.

Using feature enable to enhance flexibility and revenues

Delta Computer Systems supply motion controllers and other industrial products that enable OEMs and integrators to build better industrial machines.

With their new range of motion controllers they wanted to offer customers a choice of how many control loops they needed to support depending on the complexity of their application.

The challenge was how to offer this flexibility once the controllers are already out in the field.

They needed a way for customers to update the controllers without needed to physically exchange hardware.

They used Datakey Cryptomemory tokens to securely store the configuration data such that the data could not be altered or duplicated without permission.

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