Find out about improving the physical ruggedness of SD cards for use in harsh environments

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Datakey products are the ideal fit for transportation systems. The keys and tokens are rated for operation from -40c to +85c and have a 35 year history of reliable operation in challenging environments.

You will find the keys, tokens and receptacles being used beside railway tracks, around vehicle fuel, in railway depots and in traffic light systems.

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How a coffee machine inspired improved railway signalling technology

When Bombardier Transportation decided that protection from obsolescence as well as rugged build, functionality and proven design were key factors in finding a data partner, it chose Datakey products.

The project was focused on the design of new equipment to monitor and manage the location of trains on the track. Put simply, it helps stop two trains trying to drive over the same area of track at the same time.

By using the Datakey rugged memory key in the patented EBI Track 400, every section of rail is made unique. This adds to the extra level of safety.

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Making Train Depots safer

Zonegreen are a market leader in Depot Protection Systems.

Their range of Depot Protection systems which feature Datakey memory tokens and keys change fundamentally the way in which safety of rail depot personnel is achieved.

Their systems use either a Datakey memory key or token to authorise a user to the protection system.

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Is it a bird? It is a plane? No, it’s a Supertram

The Stagecoach Supertram in Sheffield makes intelligent use of Datakey portable memory products to enable a greater level of automation.

The tram network in Sheffield has 3 routes, covering a total of 29Km, linking five park and ride sites with the busy city centre as well as providing easy access to the mainline rail station and shopping areas.

Half of the system is located on streets running with mixed traffic. The Vehicle Identification Systems (VIS) manages the routes, signalling, stops and priority levels for the tram.

The team at Orion Projects needed a memory solution that would provide flexibility as well as safe and rugged storage.

They chose to store the all important configuration data onto a Datakey serial memory token which is then plugged into the robust receptacle in trackside boxes.

“In order for the trams to safely and efficiently negotiate Sheffield’s traffic, we needed a robust memory product that would be flexible enough to allow multiple data uploads” explained Roger Burridge, Director at Orion Projects.

The memory token is used to store configuration data at 59 trackside locations. The data is used for controlling trackside traffic controller points and signals and becuase each location is unique, individual controls need to be used for each token employed.

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