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Secure your data with token based authentication.

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CryptoAuthentication Memory Tokens

Token based authentication takes Microchip’s ATSHA204A and ATECC608A high security hardware authentication ICs and repackage them into a rugged portable memory device. The memory tokens can be used for the secure storage/transfer of keys, certificates and passwords. They can also be used as secure credential along with many other applications.

.  The tokens feature:

  • Security Features – Unique serial number, multiple secure data slots, one-time programmable memory, usage-tracking counters, secure host-memory token authentication, random number generator, support for symmetric and asymmetric encryption algorithms and more.
  • Ultra-rugged Construction – CryptoAuthentication™ tokens are solid over-moulded using a durable composite, making them impervious to liquids and virtually crush-proof.
  • Redundant Contacts – With contacts on both sides of the memory token it is impossible to insert it “upside-down.”
  • Branding Options – The tokens are available in six standard colours and come in standard and extended lengths.  The extended length token can be OEM-branded with a moulded logo.

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Token Black

Receptacles for CryptoAuthentication Tokens

CryptoAuthentication memory tokens mate with Datakey board-mount and panel-mount receptacles.  The board-mount models are available in both surface-mount and through-hole versions.  Additional features include:

  • IP65 and IP67 Ratings – Several receptacles are available in IP65- and IP67-rated versions.  Versions that reduce radiated emissions are also available.
  • High Cycle-life Contacts – All SlimLine™ receptacles are rated for a minimum of 50,000 insertion cycles.  That’s 33 times more than most USB receptacles.
  • Cabling Options – Choose a panel mount receptacle with a standard 10-pin header (for use with a ribbon cable) or choose a locking connector for high-vibration applications.

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SR4410 FR

Interface Boards for CryptoAuthentication Tokens

Microchip offers a CryptoAuthentication starter kit to aid in the development of embedded applications using CryptoAuthentication™ ICs. The CryptoAuthentication SOIC XPRO Starter Kit (part number DM320109) can be purchased direct from Microchip or from authorised distributors.

We can offer two interface boards that work with Microchip’s CryptoAuthentication™ Starter Kit. The two boards plug into the extension ports of the SAMD21-XPRO development board that is included in the starter kit. One board is offered with a vertically oriented board-mount receptacle, where the other is horizontally oriented. Both boards come with a header connector for interfacing to panel-mount SlimLine receptacles.

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SR4210PCB CryptoAuthentication XPRO Extension Board 600x425 1

CryptoAuthentication Starter Kits

Microchip offers a CryptoAuthentication™ starter kit to aid in the development of embedded application using CryptoAuthentication™ ICs. The CryptoAuthentication™ SOIC XPRO Starter Kit (part number DM320109) may be purchased from Microchip or from an authorised distributor.

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Microchip SAMD21 XPRO CryptoAuthentication Kit with Datakey Extension Board 600x425 1

Application Note

This document describes the hardware and firmware to be used with Microchip’s CryptoAuthentication™ Starter Kit so that Datakey CryptoAuthentication memory tokens may be used with the kit’s ATSAMD21 XPRO development board. (Interrupt based detection)


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Firmware and Project Files



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CryptoAuthentication is a trademark of Microchip Technology Incorporated in the U.S.A. and other countries and is used under license