Would you like to guarantee the safety of your data, protecting it from malware, ransomware, cloning, migration and physical theft?

The X-PHY Cyber Secure SSD is the world’s first standalone AI cybersecurity solution, with onboard AI that detects any form of malware or physical attack, working as your last line of defence in case of a security breach.

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In the turbulent times we’re living in, the risk of cyber-attacks is greater than ever.

And as we all know, anti-virus software alone just isn’t going to cut it anymore.

The sophistication of attacks has increased massively in recent years, which means that if you’re serious about protecting your system and your data, or you’re responsible for protecting your client, you need to do more.

That’s exactly where the Flexxon X-PHY ® cyber-secure SSD comes in, offering you standalone embedded AI Secure TM at firmware level.

And here’s what it does when it encounters a threat:

Stops the attack dead in its tracks
Locks all your data while keeping it unscathed
Immediately notifies the user
All in under 5 seconds!

In short, an X-PHY SSD gives you a 24/7 last line of defence that protects against both physical and virtual attacks, making it the ideal addition for a security conscious organisation, or a cybersecurity specialist.

Malware? Detects and protects your data.
Ransomware? Detects and protects your data.
Cloning? Detects and protects your data.
Migration? Detects and protects your data.
Physical theft? Detects and protects your data.
What is it?

Simple, it’s the world’s first standalone hardware AI cybersecurity solution that detects any form of malware or physical attack.

How does it work?

The AI engine in the SSD detects unusual behaviour and locks down your data, which can then either be erased or unlocked by a verified individual with two-factor authentication.

What does it protect against?

Pretty much everything. Ransomware, cloning, data erasure, the list goes on, and it’s been extensively tested with live malware, passing every test with flying colours.

Oh, and unlike other cybersecurity solutions, it protects against physical attack too.

Which machines does it work with?

Most. And it can be retrofitted into existing PCs and laptops, replacing your existing SSD so you don’t need additional new hardware.

Lenovo has started designing the X-PHY into many of their machines, which shows you just how impressive it is.

Why should I consider the X-PHY?

Simply put: it’s devastatingly effective at protecting data from malicious threats, and because it’s wired into your machine, it’s just as adept at picking up physical threats as it is virtual ones.

And in 2022 and beyond, with cybercrime on a stratospheric rise, it’s critical to ensure that you do everything you can to keep your data, and the data of your clients safe.

Can this protect your clients and give you a new revenue stream?

Momentum for the X-PHY is growing fast – computer giant Lenovo has already started installing it on some of its brand new laptops.

We want to help you ride the wave and make the X-PHY available to your clients, and to do that, you’ve got to check it out.

With cyber threats around every corner these days, a solution like the X-PHY helps to keep our data safe with minimal hassle, cost and expertise!

Samantha Wong

We've witnessed so many big corporates fall victim to ransomware despite having full IT infrastructure and policy! Get X-PHY SSD that uses zero-trust security framework before it's too late.

Eric C

XPHY concept of a SSD with ability to detect and deter malicious activity to protect data on the SSD is innovative. The solution provides a out-of-the-box approach in data protection against ransomware.

Lieu Min Chee

Interesting concept to ward off hacker attacks with AI by detecting abnormal user behavior.

Thomas Schwab

I feel every business that work with sensitive information such as PII (personal identifiable information) should equipped themselves with X-PHY Solution.

Jarrod Tjo

I’m convinced that X-PHY is the world’s next big thing in cybersecurity technology! I’m so excited to soon receive my X-PHY embedded laptop so I can show and tell everybody about it!

Joe Silva
XY Bundle Adaptor

That’s why we’ve put together a bundle that includes both the X-PHY and an external adaptor, which allows you to plug straight in and play around with it, without hard wiring it into your machine, which we can get delivered to you for just £210.

Both these products together cost us more than that, so we’re really not making any money on this offer – it’s designed to make it easy for you to give it a try.

As you’ll understand, we can’t run this offer forever, so you’ll need to redeem it by May 20th – to do that, just email us at xphy@nexusindustrialmemory.com, call us on +44 (0)1794 301439 or fill in the form below.

Oh, and your investment is safe – if you don’t think the product’s any good, just let us know and we’ll refund you straight away.

In terms of payment, we understand that setting us up as a supplier on your system might be a bridge too far at this point, so we’re happy to take credit card if that makes it easier for you to get this in hands.

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This offer does expire on May 10th, so if you’d like to get your hands on an X-PHY and give it a try, with zero risk attached, call us now on +44 (0)1794 301439, or fill in the form on this page now.

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