Convenient but dangerous?

By 16/08/2018Blog

Do you know how easily your laptop could be hacked into?

You might be thinking that you’ve got a pretty good password, so you should be okay, but according to this article, that’s a long way from the case.

The new trend of USB-C charging cables for laptops is highly convenient, but as the article by Dave Lee shows, it can make our machines vulnerable too.

Essentially, the fact that USB-C technology is being used, rather than just a simple charging lead means that the charger can be “booby-trapped” to steal information and sensitive data as well as inserting infections and malware into the machine.

Doesn’t sound good, does it?

And it’s not.

It’s easy for us to get blasé with data and tech – it’s all too easy to assume that everything will ‘just be fine’, but as this article shows, simply plugging your machine into a standard connector can carry significant risk.

To be honest, that’s something we’ve known for some time, which is why we’ve focused on providing the engineering world with safe and secure removable memory products.

My question for you today is: are you doing the equivalent of plugging your laptop straight into a USB-C? Are your industrial systems as vulnerable as the average person’s laptop?

If this has triggered any thoughts for you, then let’s talk about keeping your industrial memory safe…