The best possible protection for the data and program files in your embedded system comes to Embedded World 2022 …

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If you’re an engineer and you need your data protected from the elements AND malicious threats, book a visit with our engineers at Embedded World 2022 now…

Who are Nexus Industrial Memory?

We provide specialist memory products, designed specifically for industrial systems and information security.

Each product we supply addresses specific pain points that widely available products do not.

Nexus have been the trusted and proven supplier to the UK military for over 34 years and are trusted suppliers to the Swedish and Norwegian military.

What makes Nexus different?

We aren’t a catalogue distributor.

Instead, we have a small range of carefully selected products, and we work closely with our customers to help them benefit from those products, from initial design through to production and implementation.

You’ll know that there are many instances where a memory solution needs to be designed into a new product or system from scratch, or a system or product needs to upgrade or evolve to keep it secure, or nullify weaknesses.

That’s where Nexus adds significant value, by helping you from beginning to end, and ensuring that you get the right product for your application.

If you’re after a data solution that will help you with:

  • Cyber security
  • Data logging
  • Updating firmware
  • User identification
  • Parameter/calibration uploads
  • Securing communications
  • Restricting use
  • Feature enabling

…you’re in the right place.  But it doesn’t end there.

Our memory products are the most  rugged and secure out there, so whether you need them to be able to withstand significant impacts, extremes of temperatures, medical sterilisation, or the latest cyber attacks, we’ve got you covered.

Worth a chat, engineer to engineer?

Whether you’ve got a concept you think our products could be right for, or you just want a general conversation about what we do and why it works, we’d love to talk – here’s just some of the areas we can guide you on:

  • Memory – capacity, speed and interface
  • Form factor – IC, card, module, removable etc..
  • Durability (suitability for harsh environment)
  • Security (e.g. encryption, cyber security)
  • Accessories and development kits


Complete support for the first half of your project’s lifecycle

As engineers ourselves, we understand intimately the importance of designing in products that can be supported throughout your project’s lifecycle.  Our support begins before you even start designing.

Talk to us, and we can help you select the most suitable memory, providing you a development kit to make it easier for you to move from concept to implementation de-risking your test and integration, and helping your products to enter service and systems to go live as soon as possible.

Whether you want to talk to us about your current project, your next one or even discuss (in confidence) what could have been done better on a previous project, we’re here for you.

Seeing is believing

Visit stand 1-660 to see:Cyber secure SSD, which can be securely erased and offers protection against cyberthreats as well as physical attacks from Flexxon.

  • A simulated cyber attack to demonstrate Flexxon’s X-PHY®; the world’s first ‘all-in-one’ AI cyber secure SSD monitors for threats in real-time and locks down the moment a threat is detected
  • Flexxon’s memory ICs, cards and modules (such as SLC NAND flash and eMMC ICs), SSDs (including SATA II and III, PATA, PCIe NVMe) and standard form factor removable memory drives and cards.
  • Datakey Serial Memory. Industry standard serial EEPROM and serial (NOR) Flash which are ideal for applications that don’t need gigabits of memory.
  • RUGGEDrive™. USB flash drive or SD card functionality in a rugged form factor, with memory capacities of up to 64GB.
  • Datakey CryptoAuthentication device. Features include unique serial number, password protected EEPROM, monotonic counter, random number generator and support for symmetric and asymmetric algorithms.


Come and visit us on Stand 1-660 to find out more about our secure memory products AND to be in with a chance of win a super-rare Nixie Tube Clock plus 100s of giveaways!

If you haven’t registered for Embedded World yet, then do so by clicking on this link . If you’d like to visit free of charge and don’t have a voucher code, email us


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