No one could have anticipated this

By 30/01/2019Blog

You might remember that I’ve written a few times on the subject of the Raspberry Pi.

As you’ll know, it started out as an educational tool, designed to help people to learn coding, but I think even the makers of the Pi couldn’t have anticipated what it’s become, which is – quite simply – the UK’s best-selling PC of all time.

The Pi’s continuing popularity was confirmed this week, with German company Kunbus announcing the release of an industrial computer that mounts directly on a DIN rail based around the Raspberry Pi’s quad core Compute Module 3.

What this suggests is that more and more industrial application designers are seeing the benefit of Raspberry Pi, and I’d love to know what you – as a design engineer – make of the tech?

Have you used it? Would you use it?

Please let me know, I’d love to hear from you.