This one was pretty extreme

By 25/01/2018Blog

Many of our customers test the Datakey industrial memory products in pretty extreme environments.

And so do we.

We’ve had it hit with hammers, tanks running it over, the list goes on.

But one particular customer took things to a whole new level, performing a 20-year Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT)

The test was pretty simple, but very intense, and involved subjecting their industrial equipment to high and fast temperature cycles, as well as high vibration levels.

And all the way through the HALT, the Datakey token was left inserted in the receptacle.

Unsurprisingly, by the end of the test, the contacts on the token were looking a little worn, but – crucially – the token still operated perfectly, and so did the receptacle.

Why did they go to such extremes?

In their industrial equipment which is placed in remote locations both on land and off shore, the token and receptacle are fundamental to their equipment remaining functional.

The token remains permanently inserted in the receptacle and can be subject to massive temperature fluctuations and very high levels of vibration – the test really was designed to understand whether or not Datakey was the right solution for them.

If at any time the token can’t be read, then their equipment will stop working, resulting in an expensive visit from an engineer to understand and fix the problem; something our customer obviously doesn’t want to happen.

Thankfully for them, the Datakey tokens and receptacles stood up to the test, meaning they can rely on them on an ongoing basis.

And for us, it provides even more confidence in our products.

If you’ve got equipment that requires data logging or storage to operate, that you need to be rugged and sustainable, then get in touch and we can talk it through.