Cybersecurity in light of Russian turmoil

Open a newspaper, turn on the TV, head online for your daily dose of news, and there’s one subject that’s impossible to escape.

And surprisingly, it’s nothing to do with a blonde, British Prime Minister.

Instead, the tensions between Russia and Ukraine have taken over, with minute-by-minute news and commentary being relayed to us.

As if the prospect of war between those two nations wasn’t bad enough, what’s clear is that Western countries appear to be involved, with many countries, including the US, UK and Canada reportedly concerned about the potential threat posed by Russia.

What that threat might entail is up for debate, but in recent days, I’ve read plenty of column inches suggesting that cybersecurity is an area of concern.

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre has in the past identified Russian hackers as most responsible for ransomware attacks, and warned that these types of attack constituted a threat to companies and organisations of all sizes.

Like all of us, I really hope that things cool down between Russia and the Ukraine, but I would still advise all organisations to review their cybersecurity, and ensure that it’s robust enough to cope with ransomware.

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