Remember MMCs?

By 20/05/2019Blog

As a designer, one of the key things you’ll be considering is the longevity of the product you design.

After all, it’s no good pouring blood, sweat, tears and years into something that’s only going to be used for five minutes.

In my experience, the best designers design with this in mind, considering the chances of the finished product becoming obsolete, or relying on technology that is obsolete.

And if this all sounds familiar to you, then I think you’ll find my latest article in New Electronics useful.

The article touches on device form factors and removeable memory; giving you some pointers on how to take these things into account when you’re designing.

I use the MMC as an example of a solution that quickly became obsolete, despite it being widely used for a number of years, and I share the big lesson for designers in the MMC story.

Click HERE to give it a read – I’d love to get your take on it, so once you’ve read it drop me a line and let me know what you think.