The first floppy

By 02/03/2017Blog

We’re 30 years old this year.
Three decades. I can’t quite believe it. Especially when I consider what’s happened in that time, especially in the world of technology.
Whilst doing some research the other day, I stumbled across something that’s also 30 years old, which I just thought I’d share with you:

If you don’t recognise it, that beauty is the IBM PS/2 – one of the first ever personal computers, and the first PC to use the 3.5 inch floppy disk drive.
With 2MB of memory, the PS/2 was revolutionary in its time, and if you’re as old as I am, you probably remember it!
Fast forward to 2017, and things have changed. A lot.
And whilst change is good, and computing technology has improved leaps and bounds since then, I always think there’s something to be said for getting it right first time.
We’ve been supplying Datakey products for thirty years. The key and slimline token serial memory products have barely changed since 1987, and they certainly haven’t become obsolete (unlike the PS/2!). If you would like to know more, get in contact and we will be happy to help.


P.S. What were you doing in 1987? I have to say that my haircut was decidedly dodgy back then, and I’ll confess that I was a huge fan of Guns N’ Roses