The future is ……wind?

By 08/03/2018Blog

I’ve seen a couple of articles recently that make me think that wind power is going to increase even more rapidly in the next few years, so I just thought I’d write a short post to see whether you thought the same?

I’m still conducting my research, but here’s a summary of what I’ve learnt so far:

  • Last year was a record year for wind installations, with the net installed capacity 169 GW – a figure that’s creeping closer and closer to gas installations
  • 11.6% of the EU’s electricity demand is now taken care of by wind
  • Costs are coming down considerably – last year it cost 60% less to invest in wind than it did in 2015

I grabbed these stats from HERE and HERE, and I think they provide some pretty useful food for thought for those of us in the engineering space.

What are your thoughts? Is wind the future? And if so, how will that impact you?