I’m really sorry.  Genuinely I am.  Let me explain:

We meet a lot of people.  Through shows and industry events, through our online presence and our features in various industry publications.

And over the past year or so, the amount of people we speak to and share our content with has more than doubled.

Which is absolutely fantastic – we’re loving the fact that we’re able to talk to more design engineers, and get more of an insight into their problems and opportunities

But we’ve realised something: we could be serving all of the design engineers we talk to better – whether we’ve been talking to them for five minutes or five years.

Obviously the field of engineering is pretty broad, and with the amount of potential applications being designed, it’s important to us that the content we create is as useful as possible, for as many people as possible.

And to do that, we need to know YOU better.

We need to understand the content you’d find useful, and how we can serve you more effectively.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a really quick survey (should take no more than 2 minutes) that I’d be very grateful if you could fill in.

Click here to complete the survey.

And as a little ‘sweetener’ to help you find the time, I’ve come up with two prizes that each survey entrant can be in with a chance of winning.

PRIZE DRAW #1 – Everyone who completes the survey before FINAL DATE will be entered into the draw to win a Nixie Tube Clock.

PRIZE DRAW #2 – Everyone who completes the survey before DATE1 will be entered into the draw to win the Nixie Tube Clock AND also into a separate draw to win a signed copy of iWoz, the amazing autobiography from one of the world’s most famous engineers and inventor of the personal computer – Steve Wozniak.

It really will only take a couple of minutes, so why not get it done now and get yourself entered into the prize draws?

Click here to complete the survey (it’ll only take two minutes).

Thanks in advance – we’ll let you know the lucky winners once the survey has finished.

Why not share the survey with any engineering colleagues or friends and give them a chance of winning too?